End User Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Junos Pulse

Below you will find some of the most common questions end users ask about Junos Pulse; including related links to FAQs on using Junos Pulse with Apple iOS, Google Android, or BlackBerry devices. This article is not intended to address questions that might be raised by an SSL VPN administrator.

After upgrading to Junos Pulse iOS 2.0r2 (build 8993), my client won’t start properly. How do I fix this?
Junos Pulse is experiencing an issue that may cause the application to close. This issue can occur during the initial launch of the application and before accepting the EULA. The issue will only present itself if your phone is not set to use one of the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, German, Chinese, Traditional Chinese. Should you experience this issue, please switch your iOS device to use one of these languages, launch Junos Pulse, and accept the EULA. After you have accepted the EULA, you can change the language back to your preferred language. We are working quickly to resolve this issue and, once we have a resolution, we will update the version of Junos Pulse. We understand that this issue is frustrating and appreciate your patience while we work towards a resolution.

Why should I use Junos Pulse?
Junos Pulse offers a unique set of features that allow you to take advantage of the Juniper SSL VPN solutions or the new Juniper Networks Mobile Security Suite.

How do I get Junos Pulse for my mobile device?
Junos Pulse should be posted to the various mobile platforms application stores.

Will my company’s SSL VPN gateway work with Junos Pulse?
You will need to contact your Helpdesk or your corporate IT department for that information.

When I try to login to my SSL VPN via Junos Pulse, it doesn’t seem to look right on the screen, what’s wrong?
Your IT department may need to make some adjustments to your SSL VPN gateway in order for it to work correctly with Junos Pulse. SSL VPN administrators should reference the Junos Pulse Administrators Guide for further details.

Junos Pulse on my mobile device is not working or is unable to connect. Who do I contact to get assistance?
Each SSL VPN gateway customer is responsible for their own support. Please contact your Helpdesk or corporate IT department.

Can I call or email Juniper Networks for any questions or problems I have with Junos Pulse on my device?
Please report any issues to your Helpdesk or corporate IT department.

But I just have one simple question, I’ll make it quick, I promise!?
Unfortunately there just isn’t anything we can do for you without working with your SSL VPN administrator. Much about how Junos Pulse works depends on your corporate SSL VPN gateway. Your Helpdesk or corporate IT department will need to open up a case with Juniper to report or resolve any issues.

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