Dynamic VPN access via Junos Pulse connection with username containing letter ‘P’ fails

This article displays the logs and issues seen when we try connection Junos with the username containing the letter “P’.

The Dynamic VPN connection using the Junos Pulse client fails when the username contain the letter ‘P’. Using the username “CA” or any other username the Dynamic VPN connection is correctly established.

Note: There is no issue in downloading the Junos Pulse client from the device, i.e the HTTPS connection is working.

To see the problem, the general process authentication logs are configured:
edit system processes general-authentication-service traceoptions
set file xauthtrace
set flag all

When the Dynamic VPN Pulse client attempts to connect with the usename “CAP”:

  • The first authentication is done as expected.
  • The second authentication gives password mismatch, though the correct username and password are used.
  • The Dynamic VPN Pulse client staus in the connecting state.

The following is reported in the log file:

This is an issue with the Junos Pulse client version Pulse 2.1, to resolve this issue upgrade to the Pulse 3.1 version or later.

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