The DCD_PARSE_STATE_EMERGENCY message is reported into the system message file whenever the interface process (dcd) encounters an unhandled internal state during interface parsing. This article documents an approach to troubleshoot this problem.

The DCD_PARSE_STATE_EMERGENCY message is logged each time the dcd process encounters an unhandled internal state during interface processing.

When the DCD_PARSE_STATE_EMERGENCY event occurs, a message similar to the following is reported:

The cause is likely a problem with the dcd process parser.

Examine the following outputs to help determine the cause of this message:

Look for any related events that occurred at or just before the DCD_PARSE_STATE_EMERGENCY message.

Also, try to commit the configuration once again to see if the error persists. The last command (show | compare under edit mode) shows the difference of configuration between the current one and the last.

Perform these steps:

  1. Any other events may have caused this message, such as a commit. If so, the dcd parser error may be due to that one type of event occurring.

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