How to create a Services PIC core dump

This article provides information on how to create a Services PIC core dump. You have an issue with a Services PIC and want to create a core dump.

You can connect to the Services PIC and issue the write coredump command. A core dump will be written to the /var/tmp/ or /var/crash/ directory.

The following example is the step-by-step procedure:

  1. Determine in which slot the PIC is installed:
  2. Connect to the FPC:
  3. Connect to the PIC:
  4. Force a core dump:
  5. Disconnect by using ^C:
  6. Check if a core dump has been written to the file system:

Note: If you are working on a router with SBR (M5 or M10) or CSBR (M7i or M10i), you have to connect to the FEB or CFEB; instead of the FPC. Additionally, in order to connect to the appropriate PIC-slot on FPC1, the PIC slot would be PIC-slot+4.

In the above example, the procedure to connect to the PIC in slot 1/3 would be:


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