The chassis process (chassisd) could not send a message to the indicated component (Field-Replaceable Unit or FRU) because one or more required parameters had a null value.

The problem related to this syslog message is described in the following sections:

The CHASSISD_IPC_WRITE_ERR_NULL_ARGS message is logged each time the chassisd process is not able to send a message to a component due to one or more required parameters having a null value.

When the chassisd process can not send a message to a component due to some of the message parameters having a null value, it logs the action into the syslog as a CHASSISD_IPC_WRITE_ERR_NULL_ARGS message. Below are several examples of how the message are reported in the syslog:

There are many causes for such a notification to occur. For example, it may be due to the component being put offline or due to a memory error.

Also, with some routers like the T Series routers, each Routing Engine uses the adjacently installed Control Board (CB) for functions including determining Routing Engine mastership, controlling power, and reset for the other router components. Therefore when the Routing Engine Mastership is switched without the GRES being configured, the FPCs will reboot and re-connect to the CB adjacent to the newly established Master Routing Engine. The CHASSISD_IPC_WRITE_ERR_NULL_ARGS messages can occur as a result.

Start by examining the output of the command show log messages to see if any other events are listed that may contribute to this notification.

If the message refers to an SCB, FPC or FEB, then obtain the logs from that component. This can be done with one of the following sets of commands:

Be sure to replace the [fpc#/feb#/scb] entry above with the reference to the system component that is reporting the log message. These can help see if there were any issues with that component.

Other commands to run include show pfe statistics error and show chassis fpc detail, which can indicate what components may be having problems.

Follow these steps to help determine the cause for the CHASSISD_IPC_WRITE_ERR_NULL_ARGS message:

  1. Check the log messages output to see if there are any associated messages listed at that time, such as a mastership switch or the component being put offline, which would explain why the error occurred.
  2. Examine the component syslog outputs to see if there were any events that occurred, such as memory errors or a restart.
  3. See if any of the components are in a Check, Offline, or Present state. Suspected components can be reset, or reseated in their slots to see if that resolves the issue.
  4. If the log message continues to be produced, try a restart chassisd command to reset the process.
  5. Try swapping suspected components with a spare.
  6. If the messages are still being produced, open a case with your technical support representative to investigate the issue further.

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