CHASSISD_IPC_UNEXPECTED_RECV: Received unexpected message from craftd:

The chassis process (chassisd) received an unexpected message from a peer connection. These messages are sent when the chassisd deamon receives an unexpected message from the craftd deamon.

These CHASSISD_IPC_UNEXPECTED_RECV messages indicates an error occurred. When a Major or Minor alarm is populated the (CHASSISD_IPC_UNEXPECTED_RECV: Received unexpected message from craftd:) logs messages in the chassisd logs and syslog messages. The logs listed below are an example of an SRX650 populating these messages. When an alarm is set the alarm lights on the SRX front chassis panel will turn on. A Red light on the SRX that is steady indicates a critical alarm possibly due to a hardware failure or Amber light which indicates a major alarm. If the front chassis panel show no indicator lights on then this means the device has no active alarms. The alarm indicator lights can be different on other chassis types. Check your chassis hardware guide for the correct alarm indicator colors and the sequence of these lights.

The chassisd logs and log messages listed below shows the PEM 0 alarm set’s the CHASSISD_IPC_UNEXPECTED_RECV message generates a subtype = 43. When the PEM 0 alarm has cleared the message populates a subtype = 44

Log Chassisd:

Log Messages:

Review the chassisd and log messages that contain these (chassisd: CHASSISD_IPC_UNEXPECTED_RECV: Received unexpected message from craftd:) messages. Verify the hardware populating before and after the unexpected event error. Determine how long these unexpected errors have been populating. If the error has been populating for several weeks then there may be a problem with the suspected hardware.

Possible workaround: As this will likely impact traffic a maintenance window would be suggested.
1.Try off-lining then on-lining the suspected hardware.
2.Try reseating the suspected hardware.
3.If the unexpected errors continue to populate open a Juniper case for further troubleshooting.


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