The chassis process (chassisd) could not obtain information about the indicated interface device.

When a CHASSISD_IFDEV_GET_BY_NAME_FAIL event occurs, a message similar to the following is reported:

The cause is usually due to memory resource exhaustion. This might indicate a memory leak, but it could also just be that other processes have consumed all available memory.

Perform these steps to determine the cause and resolve the problem (if any). Continue through each step until the problem is resolved.
1.Collect the show command output to help determine the cause of this message.
Capture the output to a file (in case you have to open a technical support case). To do this, configure each SSH client/terminal emulator to log your session.

2.Analyze the show command output. In the show log messages output, review the events that occurred at or just before the appearance of the CHASSISD_IFDEV_GET_BY_NAME_FAIL message. Frequently these events help identify the cause.
3.During a maintenance window, as it will impact transit traffic, try the following:
Reboot the Routing Engine. To reboot a Routing Engine, execute this CLI command:
> request system reboot

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