This syslog message indicates that the chassis process (chassisd) detached the interface devices for all Physical Interface Cards (PICs) installed in the indicated Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC).

The  CHASSISD_IFDEV_DETACH_FPC message is reported in the system message file any time the FPC is shut down. Depending on the logging level, you might see the following messages:

These messages will appear in the logs depending on the logging level. The severity level of this message is info, so it is a notification-level message. Therefore, if you have syslog set to log informational messages, these messages will appear in the log. Check the preceeding events to determine if this was due to an expected event, such as restarting the system or restarting the FPC. It could also be due to hardware failure or loss of power to the router.

Changing the logging level under syslog will prevent these messages from appearing.

Perform these steps to determine the cause and resolve the problem (if any):

1. Collect the show command output to help determine the cause of this message.

Capture the output to a file (in case you have to open a technical support case). To do this, configure each SSH client/terminal emulator to log your session.

2. Analyze the show command output. Look for any related events that occurred at or just before the

message. Also look to see if there are any current alarms in the show chassis alarms output. Because these messages by themselves are harmless, the cause for the notification will be in the event preceding the messages.

3. Depending on the event, there may be a cause to troubleshoot further or just ignore the message as expected behavior.

  • Was the system powered down? If it was, the message is expected. Otherwise, continue Step 3.
  • Was the FPC restarted? If it was, the message is expected. Otherwise, continue with Step 3.
  • Was there a core file left? Check show system core-dumps. If there is a core file, continue to Step 4.

4. If these efforts do not resolve the problem, contact your technical support representative to investigate the issue further.

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