CCNP TSHOOT FAQ: IP Services Troubleshooting

CCNP TSHOOT FAQ: IP Services Troubleshooting

Q1. What type of NAT uses a one-to-one mapping of private internal IP addresses to public external IP addresses?
a. Static NAT
b. Dynamic NAT
c. NAT Overloading
d. Overlapping NAT

Answer: A

Q2. What NAT IP address is a public IP address that references an inside device?
a. Inside Local
b. Inside Global
c. Outside Local
d. Outside Global

Answer: B

Q3. Which three of the following are potential NAT troubleshooting issues? (Choose the three best answers.)
a. Using NAT over a VPN
b. NAT being incompatible with the version of Cisco IOS used on a router
c. NAT hiding true IP address information
d. Applications that are not NAT compatible

Answer: A, C, and D

Q4. Which two of the following interface operations occur after NAT performs its translation of a global address to an inside address, as traffic comes into an interface? (Choose the two best answers.)
a. Decryption of IPsec traffic
b. Output ACL applied
c. Input ACL applied
d. Cisco IOS Firewall inspection performed

Answer: B and D

Q5. Which command removes all dynamic entries from a router’s NAT translation table?
a. erase ip nat *
b. clear ip nat translation *
c. write erase ip nat *
d. clear nat all

Answer: B

Q6. Identify the four DHCP messages that are exchanged between a DHCP client and server as the client is obtaining an IP address. (Choose the four best answers.)

Answer: A, B, C, and E
Figure: Obtaining IP Address Information from a DHCP Server

Q7. Which two of the following protocols are forwarded by a DCHP relay agent, in addition to DHCP? (Choose the two best answers.)
b. FTP
c. DNS
d. NTP

Answer: A and C

Q8. Which of the following is most likely a DHCP troubleshooting issue? (Choose the best answer.)
a. A router not forwarding multicasts
b. A router not forwarding broadcasts
c. The DHCP server service not manually started
d. Switches in the topology not configured to support IGMP snooping

Answer: B

Q9. Which of the following commands releases all current DHCP leases?
a. erase ip dhcp binding *
b. clear ip dhcp binding *
c. clear ip dhcp mapping *
d. delete ip dhcp binding *

Answer: B

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