CCNP Switch FAQ: Managing Switches with SNMP

CCNP Switch FAQ: Managing Switches with SNMP

Q1. SNMP access is configured on a switch. Which one of the following roles does the switch play during SNMP communication?
a. SNMP agent
b. SNMP server
c. SNMP manager
d. SNMP responder

Answer: A

Q2. Which one of the following contains information about a switch, its interfaces, and many other counters and statistics?
a. FIB
b. RIB
c. MIB
d. OID

Answer: C

Q3. SNMP communication utilizes which one of the following protocols and port numbers?
a. GRE port 2
b. UDP port 112
c. TCP port 21
d. UDP port 161
e. TCP port 443

Answer: D

Q4. Which one of the following event message types is sent via SNMP and must be acknowledged?
a. SNMP poll
b. SNMP trap
c. SNMP inform
d. SNMP alarm

Answer: C

Q5. Which one of the following credentials does SNMPv1 use to authenticate management platforms?
a. Username
b. Community string
c. Group name
d. Certificate

Answer: B

Q6. Which SNMP version can use MD5 or SHA as a security means to authenticate packets?
a. SNMPv1
b. SNMPv2
c. SNMPv2C
d. SNMPv3

Answer: D

Q7. Thesnmp-server host command is used to define which one of the following?
a. The polling SNMP manager
b. The SNMP user’s machine
c. The machine that will receive traps and informs
d. The machines that are allowed to poll

Answer: C

Q8. SNMPv3 can leverage which of the following attributes to control access to switch information? (Choose all that apply.)
a. SNMP group
b. SNMP user
c. IP address
d. SNMP view
e. All of these answers are correct.

Answer: E

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