CCNP Secure FAQ: Implementing and Configuring Zone-Based Policy Firewalls

CCNP Secure FAQ: Implementing and Configuring Zone-Based Policy Firewalls

Q1. The Context-Based Access Control (CBAC) applies policies using which of the following?
a. inspect statements
b. cbac-policy statements
c. ACLs on interfaces
d. ACLs on zones

Answer: A and C

Q2. ZBPFW applies using which of the following?
a. MQC
b. AIC
c. ACLs
d. C3PL

Answer: D

Q3. Traffic between zones is only permitted when?
a. A zone pair is configured.
b. The zone is configured.
c. The zone is assigned to an interface.
d. The ZBPFW feature is enabled.

Answer: A

Q4. Traffic that is sourced and destined within the same zone can be configured when using at least which IOS version?
a. 12.4.24T
b. 15.1.0M
c. 15.0.1M
d. 12.3.10

Answer: C

Q5. A parameter map is applied inside which of the following?
a. Class map
b. Service map
c. Interface
d. Policy map

Answer: D

Q6. Which of the following are valid methods for matching traffic with a class map?
a. match-all
b. match-same
c. match-any
d. match-none

Answer: A and C

Q7. Which of the following are valid inspect policy map actions?
a. police
b. ignore
c. inspect
d. deny

Answer: A and C

Q8. To configure the ZBPFW for management and control plane traffic, which of the following zones is used?
a. Manage
b. Self
c. Router
d. Entity

Answer: B

Q9. Which of the following are supported AIC protocols?
a. AOL Instant Messenger
d. H.323

Answer: A and D

Q10. Which of the following parameter map types is used along with HTTP inspection?
b. Shell
c. regex
d. inspect

Answer: C

1. A firewall is used to enforce an access policy between _____.

Answer: security domains.

2. In IOS versions before 15.0.1M, intrazone traffic was _____ by default.

Answer: permitted

3. Traffic policy is applied _____ between zones using zone pairs.

Answer: unidirectionally
Figure: Zone Pairs

4. Zone pairs can be set up to protect the control and management planes by using the _____.

Answer: system-defined self zone.

5. The PAM feature is used to map _____ onto _____.

Answer: nonstandard ports , common services

6. With Layer 3/4 traffic, the class map type is always the _____.

Answer: inspect type.

7. When using the inspect type policy map, the creation of a parameter map is _____.

Answer: optional.

8. If no zone pair is defined, traffic will _____ between zones.

Answer: not flow

9. The URL filter feature provides the ability to _____, _____, or ___ the traffic whose URL matches the configured characteristics.

Answer: pass, drop, or log

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