CCNA Security Study Notes

CCNA Security Study Notes

Part I: Network Security Architecture

CHAPTER 1: Network Insecurity

CHAPTER 2: Building a Secure Network Using Security Controls

Part II: Perimeter Security

CHAPTER 3: Security at the Network Perimeter

CHAPTER 4: Implementing Secure Management and Hardening the Router

Part III: Augmenting Depth of Defense

CHAPTER 5: Using Cisco lOS Firewalls to Implement a Network Security Policy

CHAPTER 6: Introducing Cryptographic Services

CHAPTER 7: Virtual Private Networks with IPsec

CHAPTER 8: Network Security Using Cisco lOS IPS

Part IV: Security Inside the Perimeter

CHAPTER 9: Introduction to Endpoint, SAN, and Voice Security

  • Introducing Endnoint Securìty
  • Exploring SAN Security
  • Exploring Voice Security

CHAPTER 10: Protecting Switch Infrastructure

  • VLAN Hopping Attacks
  • STP Manipulation Attack
  • CAM Table Overflow Attack
  • MAC Address Spoofing Attack
  • Configuring Port Security
  • Miscellaneous Switch Security Features
  • Switch Security Best Practices