210-451 CCNA Cloud CLDFND FAQ – Unified Computing

210-451 CCNA Cloud CLDFND FAQ – Unified Computing

Q1. Which of the following is not correct about the x86 microarchitecture?
a. Sockets and cores are used to scale the number of CPU processors within servers.
b. The chipset is the circuit board that physically sustains all the computer components.
c. BIOS is the nonvolatile memory that carries the first software that will be executed when the computer is powered on.
d. PCIe is currently the most common expansion bus found on x86 servers.

Answer: b

Figure: x86 Microarchitecture Example

Q2. Which of the following are considered time-consuming challenges for physical server provisioning? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Data center infrastructure provisioning
b. Pre-OS installation operations such as BIOS configuration, firmware installation, and identifier collection
c. Multiple management points
d. Virtual machine installation
e. Blade server insertion

Answer: a, b, and c

Q3. Which of the following options list only UCS components? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Fabric Interconnect, IOM, third-party CNAs
b. B-Series, C-Series, D-Series
c. UCS 5108, Nexus 2000, IOM
d. VIC, third-party CNAs, third-party rack-mountable servers

Answer: a and c

Q4. Which of the following is correct about UCS Fabric Interconnect ports?
a. Server ports can be connected to third-party servers.
b. Ethernet uplinks participate in STP processing when in end-host mode.
c. Appliance ports exist for the direct connection of storage devices such as NAS.
d. Fibre Channel uplinks cannot be configured as standard ISLs.

Answer: c

Q5. Which of the following are UCS Manager native management access methods? (Choose all that apply.)
b. RDP
c. GUI
d. CLI
e. UCS client

Answer: a, c, and d

Q6. Which of the following are considered differences between UCS B-Series and C-Series servers? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Number of peripheral slots
b. Virtual Interface Cards
c. Internal storage capacity
d. Capability to deploy VM-FEX without UCS Fabric Interconnect
e. Cisco Integrated Management Controller

Answer: a, c, and d

Q7. Which of the following identifiers is not defined in a service profile?
a. vNIC MAC address
c. vHBA pWWN
d. vNIC IP address
e. CIMC IP address

Answer: d

Q8. Which of the following contains policies that are not part of UCS?
a. BIOS, boot order, firmware package
b. IPMI, PXE, Serial over LAN
c. Maintenance, scrub, adapter
d. vNIC/vHBA placement, local disk, power control

Answer: b

Q9. Which of the following represent features from UCS Central? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Consolidates inventory and faults from multiple UCS domains
b. Provides KVM access to C-Series that are not managed by UCS Manager
c. Globally controls identifier pools to avoid conflicts
d. Replaces UCS Manager
e. Does not allow regional policies
f. Can schedule UCS backup and firmware upgrades

Answer: a, c, and f

Q10. Which of the following UCS characteristics are ideal for cloud environments? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Templates
b. Server pools
c. Policies
d. Stateless computing

Answer: a, b, c, d, and e

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