210-451 CCNA Cloud CLDFND FAQ – Behind the Curtain

210-451 CCNA Cloud CLDFND FAQ – Behind the Curtain

Q1. Which of the following are components of the cloud software stack? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Virtualization software
b. Meter
c. Orchestrator
d. Portal
e. All software running within a data center that is hosting a cloud environment

Answer: b, c, and d

Q2. Which of the following options summarizes the importance of standardization for cloud deployments?
a. Any cloud computing deployment requires a single vendor for all infrastructure components.
b. Virtualization solutions do not require standardization in cloud computing implementations.
c. Cloud software stack solutions already provide standardization for cloud infrastructure.
d. Standardization of hardware, software, processes, and offerings facilitate automation and increase predictability in a cloud computing deployment.
e. None, because cloud computing scenarios must always be ready for customization.

Answer: d

Figure: Cloud Computing Architecture

Q3. Which of the following are not characteristics of RESTful application programming interfaces? (Choose all that apply.)
a. Uses HTTP or HTTPS
b. Only supports XML data
c. Designed for web services
d. Follows a request-response model
e. Designed for human reading

Answer: b and e

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