Blackberry upgrade from MSS Pulse client to

Upgrading the Blackberry MSS Pulse 3.0R2 client to 3.0R3. The Blackberry device is already registered to the MSG console.

  • Performing an upgrade for a Blackberry device on the MSS Pulse client from 3.0R2 to 3.0R3.
  • The MSS Pulse client progress bar will stop until you select OK.
  • The MSS Pulse client progress bar will continue for a short span and then the OK button will re-appear.
  • It will appear approximately 10 or more times; but the application will upgrade successfully once the progress bar has completely finished and the device has been rebooted.

The MSS Pulse client is writing over the old version of the MSS Pulse client. No data or settings will be lost during this process; but it causes the progress bar to stop until the OK button is selected.

To successfully complete the upgrade, select the OK button whenever it is displayed. The OK button may appear 10 or more times. Select the OK button until the progress bar has completed and reboot the device when prompted.

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