The AV_PATTERN_TOO_BIG message is reported into the system message file by the Unified Threat Management process (utmd) if the pattern file size specified in the server initialization file (server.ini) exceeds the maximum prescribed limit. This article documents an approach to troubleshoot this problem.

Unified Threat Management is currently only supported on J-Series and SRX devices.

When the AV (Anti-Virus) updater attempts to update the AV pattern file, it checks for enough available disk space, and if not enough is found it writes the message to the log file:

If the compact flash is out of disk space during the update, the message will be generated.
Transient disk issues could also cause this message to be generated.

Run the show system storage command.
If /dev/ad0s1a and/or /cf are at or near capacity, then the compact flash is out of disk space, and it must be cleaned up before the av updater will succeed.
Try a manual update. If it succeeds, the message was due to a transient disk issue. Clear unnecessary files off of the compact flash using file management operational mode commands in Junos.

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