The generic authentication service process (authd) could not bind the server to the address specified.

The AUTHD_SERVER_INIT_BIND_FAIL message is logged each time the system fails in its attempt to set up a connection to an authentication server.

This system message may occur when a commit is done. Below is an example of the message:

The cause for such a notification is the system attempts to open a connection to an authentication server, which fails.

Verify that the authentication server is reachable from the device, and that it will accept connection requests from the network device. Also, the following log outputs may help in determining the cause for the bind error:

Review the log messages and authd_sdb.log outputs to see if they show a reason for the server connection fail. If access to the authentication server from the device can be verified, and it is accepting connections, then open a case with your technical support representative to investigate the issue further.

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