How to add SRX Chassis Clusters into NSM

How to add SRX Chassis Cluster into NSM.

1. Logon to NSM.

2. Click Device Manager > Devices.

3. Right-click Devices, click New, and then click Cluster.

4. Fill the following fields to add the cluster:

  • Cluster Name
  • Color
  • OS Name
  • Junos OS Type
  • Platform
  • Manages OS Version

5. Once you have added the cluster, add each device separately. Add the primary device first, which is usually Node0. Right click the Cluster Name, click New, and then click Cluster Member.

6. Add the device as unreachable: add the name of the device, select Device is Not Reachable, and click Next.

7. Check to ensure that the NSM IP address is correct and then click Next. NSM generates an unique device ID.

8. Enter the user name and password, preferably with root or super user privileges, to manage the device along with the one time password to be used for the device authentication by NSM.

Sample Configuration:

9. Click Finish in NSM.

10. Execute the commands, copied earlier in the text document, through the CLI on the device. Node0 is now in NSM.

11. Repeat steps 5-to-11 to add Node1.

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