Adaptive Scans count not incrementing after configuring adaptive knob for an AE interface

Adaptive Scans is a counter which periodically increments. Under certain conditions, we may find this counter remain at zero or does not incremented and this KB mentions those conditions.
With ALB, it may be desirable not to increment the Adaptive Scans count under certain circumstances.

Minimum configuration under AE Interface for enabling adaptive load-balance.

Condition under which Adaptive Scans may not increment:

  1. Verify in CLI, whether ALB is enabled for that specific AE interface.
  2. Verify if AE interface configured without any family
  3. Verify if family inet or inet6 is not configured on AE Link.
  4. Verify if family is configured but associated NH is in Hold State
    Example: if ARP is not being resolved and associated NH is in Hold State.
    Moto is to save CPU Cycle of running Adaptive Scan increase count of no desired traffic send on that AE Link.
  5. Verify if Single child link is bound with AE Link.
    This means, that at any given point in time, we have single child link UP for given AE link.
  6. Verify that the AE Link is UP.

Check if Adaptive Scans is incrementing or not:

How to check if Adaptive Scans is incrementing:


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